Let me help you get results!

If you’re looking for counsel from someone who has worked with some of the world’s top PR agencies, high-profile authors, celebrities, and athletes, and founded her own two businesses, you’ve come to the right place!

Always eager to make connections and lend her business acumen, Lori Bizzoco can work with clients on everything from marketing needs to general business consultation.

As a business executive, Lori has mentored and groomed more than 200 college students teaching them how to climb the corporate ladder. She has developed a specialty in helping students as they begin their careers, teaching them how to transition from the classroom to the workplace. Once they’re out in the “real world,” Lori has continued to mentor and guide them through the course of their professional lives, offering advice on everything from salary negotiations and organizational skills, to management and leadership.

Lori’s Consulting Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Marketing Communications
  • Public Relations
  • Career Mentoring
  • Branding
  • Social Media
  • Publishing
  • Blogging

As someone who has seen all sides of business, Lori can provide information that will prove invaluable, regardless of which industry.

Want to know more on how Lori can help? Contact her here: Contact Lori.